Hazmat Pads – Yellow

Hazmat Absorbent Pads Yellow HeavyWeight FineFiber

Chemical absorbent, Heavy, 100 count / Pad


  • 100% polypropylene Mat quickly absorbs nearly any type of caustic, hazardous or unknown liquid — including acids, bases, solvents and chemicals. Color-coded Safety Yellow for fast identification; know exactly what you’re reaching for in an emergency spill situation.
  • Fast-Acting for Quick Response a layer of MeltBlown polypropylene creates high surface area that enables SonicBonded Mat to quickly soak up liquids on contact before they can spread.
  • High Absorbency
  • A random assembly of large-diameter MeltBlown poly fibers creates a lofty layer that absorbs high volumes of liquid fast.
  • Ultrasonic Bond Points Keep Mat Intact
  • Ultrasonic bond points fuse layers of fibers together — Mat keeps its shape even when completely saturated. Top layer of lint-free SpunBond fabric provides extra strength. “Dimples” add fast-wicking power.
  • Perforations Save Money